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Use our simple Web App with instant access, 24 hour automated backtesting and 1 hour BTC forecasts.

  1. * Beginners or Experts
  2. * Manual traders
  3. * Easy setup
  4. * 1 Hour Data
  5. * 24 Hr mobile access
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1 Month API Access

Get 10,000 API calls per month to use with your own personal robot or Expert Assistant.

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Get 50,000 API calls per month to use with your own personal robot or Expert Assistant.Ideal for EA developers.

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API Docs

Get started in minutes with our ultra simple 1-2-3 guide to accessing our TQNN Financial Predictive Analytics API.

We provide a simple JSON REST interface you will know and love. 

Choose your data, train and go!

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Quantum IML Powered Bitcoin Predictive Analytics

*1 hour BTC/USD MA & Spot Price Forecasts in Your Hand 24 Hrs a day.

Explore our predictive analytics API without writing a line of code via our convenient mobile and tablet friendly web app. We built the app to pull live forecast signals from our quantum inspired machine learning API so you can get the latest forecasts and monitor their performance right on your mobile device, tablet or PC. 

API subscriber access codes work with our web app out of the box so no need to re-register, just enter your code into the web app.

* All data is provided for educational and research purposes and is not financial or investment advice. See disclaimer for full details.

Features at a glance
  • Ideal for manual day traders
  • Great for new traders and experts
  • Trained on 3 years of market data
  • 24 Hrs realtime backtesting
  • Forecast confidence indicator
  • 1 Hr future MA forecast
  • 1 Hr future spot price forecast
  • 24 Hrs 'at a glance' performance overview
  • Forecast Win/Loss ratio calculation
  • Forecast Profit/Loss simulation
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The data you need

Live backtesting

We constantly strive for the most accurate and honest performance which is why our web application and API both offer realtime 24 hour back test performance analytics.

You can use our web app, widget or the getHistoric API endpoint to access the last 24hrs of forecast data along with pre calculated performance data.

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Welcome to Toridion Finance API

Trading is tough, we get it! The sheer volume of data required to deliver meaningful predictive market analytics is daunting. That's why we used our industry leading Quantum inspired Machine Learning to build the Toridion Finance API! 

Easy API

Our simple API makes obtaining predictive analytics easy. We interfaced the Toridion Finance API with Toridion's class leading quantum inspired machine learning leaving you to hook up your scripts and get on with trading.

Ultra Fast

Just how fast is ultra fast? Our TQNN neural networks perform at truly break neck speeds. A typical deep analysis request across 3 years of data takes < 0,5 secs to complete. It can search 240,000,000,000 patterns in under 0,2 secs!

Quantum Oracle
The Quantum Oracle is a black box function performed inside the Toridion TQNN neural network. It is able to perform calculations in a simultaneous nature, arriving at a solution in a constant time regardless of the number of data points stored.

Over 3 years of backtesting our API attained truly remarkable forecast accuracy that exceeded 56% overall. On an hourly basis, our results are available to view in our web app for the past 24 hours. Our API also comes with a 24 hr auto back testing endpoint so you can monitor its performance. 

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Introducing Quantabotics

Toridion Finance now powers Quantabotics™, a powerful machine learning plug-in for the Cryptohopper™ trading platform. 

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